On behalf of myself and the Late Night BU team, I would like to thank you and yourWorld On Wheels coworkers for providing an AMAZING obstacle course

at our Late Night BU this past Friday. It was such a hit and I heard only great things from our students. World on Wheels is wonderful to work with and I am looking forward for our partnership to continue at future Late Night Bus. I know the night was long, but I hope you all had fun and were able to take advantage of the free food and drinks! I also would like to thank you for bringing the additional 2 segways, even though we had only booked two.

Late Night BU wishes luck to World on Wheels in the coming year!


Anna Fredrick
“Anna Fredrick”
Bradley University ’17
Graphic Design | Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Manager- Slane College of Communications & Fine Art EventCoordinator- Late Night BU