Frequent Questions


What is a Segway?
The Segway is a self-balancing, electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen and unveiled in December 2001. Gyroscopic sensors in the base of the device keep the Segway upright when powered on. Users lean forward to go forward, lean back to go backward, and turn by using a handlebar, leaning it left or right. Definite fun for everyone!
What are Quadracycles?
Quadracycles are cycles that have four wheels instead of two. Our two-seater cycles carry up to 2 riders, while four-seater cycles can carry from 1 to 4 riders. They provide side-by-side gearing. All models are engineered for recreational, commercial and industrial use, and are easy to ride, easy to handle, stable, comfortable, affordable and fun!
What events do you cater to?
Weddings, fairs, parades, neighborhood festivals, corporate functions, expos, private birthday parties, family reunions, therapy groups, elderly and handicapped recreation, summer camps and many other special occasions and celebrations.
Where do I sign up for a tour?
Reservations for World On Wheels Segway tours can be made by online or by phone at (309) 453-0916.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require a 48 hour notice for cancellations. This is because we may have turned others away that may have been able to schedule a tour during your intended time. Therefore, failing to show for a reservation or cancelling without proper notice will result in a 100% nonrefundable tour.
What about rain and bad weather?
We will run Segways in even if it is raining. Segways are waterproof and we have ponchos available. If it is thundering and lightning outside, and the conditions are just too hazardous, we will hold off temporarily until the storm passes over. But, you will be notified ahead of time should we cancel because of hazardous weather.
What is your Segway riders policy?
Riders must be at least 14 years of age and weigh between 100 and 250 pounds to ride the Segway. Childern under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For your own safety, riders must be able to get up and down stairs without needing a handrail which is the same concept that applies to a Segway.
Can I take pictures?
Absolutely! Actually, we encourage it. Then, you can send us pictures of your tour, and we can then post them up on the website with your permission. Pictures are awesome memories of your tour.
Can I learn to ride the Segway?
Our guides will spend all the time you need to get familiar with learning the Segway. Usually, most people become familiar with steering, starting and stopping Segways within about 10-15 minutes of beginning. It’s that easy!
Can I buy a Segway or Quadracycle from you?
Yes! Whether it’s commercial or personal use, you can click here for more information on purchasing both of these unique rides.