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Segaway Tours & Prices

*We suggest before paying online, that you reserve your segway tour with us first.
Peoria RiverFront Segway Tour - (30 min)

  $30.00 per person
  (Applicable fee applies)

  The Peoria RiverFront Segway Tour is Peoria’s most unique glide. This tour offers a fabulous way to see Peoria's RiverFront. Experience Peoria as you glide along the Peoria RiverFront with its picturesque views and riverfront breeze. A wonderful way to spend your afternoon! Kids must be at least 14 years of age with parent approval to take a Segway tour.

Peoria Premier Segway Tour - (1 hr)

  $49.00 per person
  (Applicable fee applies)

  The Peoria Premier Segway Tour is Peoria's most popular glide. Experience the revitalization of Peoria as you are guided through the heart of Downtown and along its RiverFront. This tour offers a fabulous way to see Downtown Peoria. It departs from the RiverFront Visitor's Center at the foot of Main Street and glides past the Gateway Building, Riverplex, The Courthouse, CAT Headquarters, City Hall, the Civic Center, and circles O'Brien Field. This tour includes it all..nature, history, art, and beauty.

Past Glories Segway Tour - (2 hrs)

  $69.00 per person
  (Applicable fee applies)

  Departing from the RiverFront Circle Drive, the Past Glories Tour will take you up historic Main Street through the heart of Peoria's Entertainment District. It offers new perspectives on old themes as you adventure through the heart of Peoria's historic district. Learn of Peoria's amazing historical beginnings and rich culture that make Peoria so special. Glide past the innovative Med Tech District to High Street and Peoria's historic High Wine District. Capture the essence of historic Moss Avenue as you glide past the Pettengill-Morron House and the Flanagan House while you view the distinctive architecture of the area. Expand your ride past John Gwynn Park and the landmark Carver Community Center. Sights of interest include Bradley University and the Radisson Hotel and O'Brien Field.

Photos - $5.00 per photo with each ride.