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Buy Segway/Quadracycles

If you have enjoyed your World On Wheels tour, and would love to buy a Segway or Quadracycle, you have come to the right place. World On Wheels Segway Tours offers many types of Segways and Quadracycles for purchase.
Quadracycles come in a variety of models for purchase. Segways can be used for police, golf, cargo, and personal or business commuting.
World On Wheels Segway Tours can provide you with purchasing information and pricing on any Segway or Quadracycle model or any accessories you may need. Call us for a personal quote based on your specific desires at (309) 453-0916 or email us to purchase your next Segway or Quadracyle from World On Wheels Segway Tours.

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Make lasting memories of your Segway tour or Quadracycle ride by purchasing a World On Wheels Segway Tours T-shirt! We also have other miscellaneous sports items available.